Philadelphia's Circular Free Program

Circular Free logo

Property owners in Philly that are tired of having take-out menus and ad circulars jammed into their door frames and mailboxes now have a way to stop the problem at the source!

You can print out the Circular Free property registration form, fill it out, and mail or fax it to the contact listed on the form.  You will receive a sticker to place on your front door in the mail.  If businesses continue to flyer your property after your sticker is posted, they will be issued a citation from the Department of Licenses & Inspections.

Newbold Neighbors has printed copies of the form as well as the stickers themselves that we make available at various events and at certain businesses around the neighborhood.  You can always contact us to find out where to get one quickly.

You can find more information by checking out the Useful Facts about the Handbill Ordiance.