Street Tree Plantings

Trees lined up waiting for dirt

East Point Breeze Neighbors works closely with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to collect, submit, and track tree applications and to coordinate tree plantings twice a year for our neighborhood.

Tree Planting Details

We hold plantings twice a year, in the spring and fall.  A group of volunteers pick the trees up the night before the planting at the Navy Yard, and a larger group of volunteers meet the next morning (usually in front of the Library @ Broad & Morris).

After coffee and a bite to eat, there's a quick demonstration about how to plant a tree.  Once everyone's comfortable with their ability to plant, groups of 3-5 people are sent off with trees, shovels, and brooms.  It's a great way to meet new neighbors, give back to the community, and help make our neighborhood lush and vibrant!

Want A Tree In Front Of Your House?

Planting Trees on Hicks

We're committed to helping you get a tree, but there are a few things you need to know first.

  1. The Property Owner Tree Request Application (to your right) must be completed to be considered by the Tree Vitalize program.  Submitting an application does not guarantee that you'll get a tree.
  2. Please make sure your desired tree location meets all of the guidelines within the Tree Request Application.
  3. Completed hard copies of tree applications can be sent by mail or hand delivered to:
       East Point Breeze Neighbors Clean and Green Committee
        PO Box 54891
        Philadelphia, PA 19148
  4. Completed digital copies of tree applications can be sent to
  5. The entire process from application to planting can take up to a year - please be patient!  We'll attempt to call you when we know that your tree is on our planting list, but the most accurate way of knowing when you're getting your tree is when the city stops by to cut the tree pit in your sidewalk.
  6. If you're available the day of our planting, we would greatly appreciate your help (even if you're not good with a shovel)!  If you can't be there that day, you can still help by caring for your tree to make sure it lives a long and healthy life.

I Already Have A Tree (or Can't Have A Tree) - What Else Can I Do?

You can help out at the next tree planting!  Send a message to the Clean and Green Committee, and we'll let you know the next time there's a planting.  You can also help by giving the trees around your block some attention by keeping them watered, pruned, and mulched throughout the year.

If you see a tree in trouble, please e-mail